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February 4, 2016

Here’s a lovely email from one of our customers…great to see they are so happy with our service!

Hi Paul

Well I managed to get out an amazing looking product that’s now in all the local supermarkets plus our other two editions and almost had the next Yorkshire Property Guide ready to go too! Not sure I could handle another edition just yet but I’d give it a damn good go!

Huge thanks to Acorn for how swiftly the print was turned around – we were gobsmacked to be told both Tuesday night print jobs were ready on Wednesday morning. Don’t worry, we won’t take this as the norm!

I’m very confident the WF edition will follow the HXHD edition and grow quickly in pagination but grow much faster in terms of print runs. The feedback we have had has been amazing!

Thank everybody at Acorn on our behalf for a phenomenal week.

Property Pages Magazine

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